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In Clinton County, childhood obesity and poverty rates are higher than national averages.  The In Your Shoes program was developed to reduce childhood obesity rates in Clinton County by encouraging physical activity and participation in extracurricular sports and activities.  The purpose of the In Your Shoes program is to promote physical activity, teamwork, volunteerism and leadership through funding extracurricular sports and activities for children in Clinton County. 


In Your Shoes pays for the registration fees and equipment needed for approved applicants to participate in extracurricular sports and activities. As a condition of accepting this award, each student must complete 10 hours of volunteer work in the community.  Volunteer work can be done with IYS, the extracurricular organization, the United Way, or any other charitable organization within Clinton County, PA.  The In Your Shoes Sports & Activity Scholarship Applications are valid for 1 school year for a maximum award of up to $175 per student.  All fees are paid directly to the extracurricular organization for registration fees and all equipment you request from IYS will be provided by In Your Shoes.  No money will be paid to any parent or child directly, and no refunds will be issued for payments made to the organization prior to approval.  





To be eligible for a scholarship, each child must:

    Attend a school in the KCSD or reside in Clinton County, PA

    Be registered or plan to register for an organized sport or extracurricular activity.  Completing this application DOES NOT register the participant in the activity.

    Be between the ages of 4 and 18 at the time of application.

    Agree to do 10 hours of volunteer work in the community.



Determination of Eligibility

Priority may be given to youth proving to meet one or more of the following criteria:

    Receiving assistance from programs such as:  Food Stamps, Medicaid, Free/Reduced Lunch

    Children Living in Foster Care or Government Housing

    Disabled Children

    Families suffering from a recent tragic event or an immediate financial hardship

    Body Mass Index measurement above the 85th percentile with documentation signed by the school nurse or family physician

    Families with multiple children involved in multiple activities

    Written recommendations by school representatives, Clinton County Children & Youth or other social service representatives

    First time applicants meeting any of the above criteria

     Prior participants meeting any of the above criteria who have completed their volunteer hours with In Your Shoes




Important to Know

  • Any organized youth sport or activity in Clinton County can be funded by an IYS scholarship.
  • Meeting the above criteria DOES NOT guarantee that you will be awarded funding from In Your Shoes.  All scholarships will be awarded based on demonstrated need, available funding and meeting all deadline/application requirements.
  • Approval one year DOES NOT guarantee approval every year.  A new application is required to be completed each school year for each student.
  • Scholarships are limited to 3 awards per family/per address per year provided that funds are available and requirements are fulfilled.
  • If you receive funding from IYS for an activity and you quit that activity, you must notify IYS within 7 days and return all purchased equipment.  Quitting an activity may reflect negatively on the status of your future IYS applications, especially if you fail to notify us and/or to return any equipment that was purchased or issued by In Your Shoes.
  • Failure to complete your volunteer hours or to return your volunteer log to IYS will lead to a denial of all future applications until those hours are completed and submitted to IYS.
  • Approval of a scholarship DOES NOT register the participant in the activity.  You must contact the extracurricular organization to get registered for the desired sport or activity.  Fees are paid directly to the organization where the student is registered.
  • To have payments and equipment delivered on time, contact IYS at least 2 weeks prior to each registration event and when your equipment is needed.


To Apply

    Fully and accurately complete the IYS Sports & Activity Scholarship Application

     Read, sign and submit the IYS Rules & Responsibilities Agreement

     Submit documents that prove eligibility (i.e. pay stubs, Medical Assistance, UC, BMI results, referral letter, etc.)

    Return the Application, the Agreement and the Eligibility Documents to In Your Shoes at PO Box 367, McElhattan, PA 17748 at least 2 weeks prior to activity.

    Call IYS at 570-367-0389 at least 2 weeks in advance to request cleats or any other needed equipment.


For prior IYS Participants:

    Your Volunteer Log from the previous year(s) must be completed and submitted to IYS before a new application for funding will be considered.  If you have not already done so, include your Volunteer Log with this application.




For more information, call IN YOUR SHOES at 570-367-0389.


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